View Full Version : FSUIPC eng fail command

05-06-2012, 10:27 AM
Hello all,

I am trying to program a push button through my Bodnar board interface and a thrust lever.

Basically i have already programmed the switch selections set up to signal the 'autostart' decretes (fsuipc) for engine 1 thru 4. which works perfectly.

What i am trying to do now is have another set of push buttons (one for each engine) that when pressed will signal the engine to shutdown, but when released will allow an uninterupted engine start sequence through the above mentioned engine auto start.

The way my configuration is set up, is that when the thrust lever is selected to the 'fuel off' position, the button will be depressed sending a signal for engine shutdown as programmed thru the FSUIPC drop down menu for 'toggle engine 1(2)(3)(4) failure'. When the respective thrust lever is placed in the 'fuel on' detent the button is then released to the 'off' position (momentary on type button).

I find this works somewhat OK as the engine shutdown works perfectly, but when i go to start the engine again, i am having to cycle theappropriate push button a couple of time in order to get the engine to light off as it is going thru the auto start sequence.

Am i programming this button incorrectly? or am i using the wrong FSUIPC command for engine shutdown. (I tried the fuel valve one, but the engine hesitates as it shuts down, as if being starved for fuel slowly)