View Full Version : Wilco PIC 737 Problems with Autopilot Heading LNAV

David Thompson
04-10-2012, 06:09 AM
Hello everyone having some trouble with the Wilco 737 PIC with the Autopilot Heading and LNAV functions.

When selecting a heading manually or if on LNAV Ill get the "Bank Angle, Bank Angle" etc and the aircraft would bank dangerously to the left/right.

I have already changed the following in the 733.ini file:

; Bank limit

;max bank in LNAV turns
;when IAS below
lnav_max_bank_ias = 280

Then in the aircraft.cfg changed the bank angle in the autopilot section to this:


But its still banking dangerously to the left/right sometimes.

I am also running FS9 under ADMIN and COMPATABILITY for WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2.
I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium 32BIT with User Control Account turned off.

Does anyone have a solution?

David Thompson