View Full Version : 600 ATC Chatter Files

04-03-2012, 05:36 AM
Hi Chaps.....
i've been playing around over the winter with the 'ambience' in my cockpit (you've got to have ambience dont you).
so, i've collected together all the ATC files i have collected over the years and compressed them into a ZIP file.
there's over 600 of them ranging from 10-20 seconds upto 1 minute.
covers Ground, Tower, Approach and En-route.
these are in .wav format so you can use them in any Add on that can play chatter files.
i'm using Flight Deck Live Cockpit, but i'm sure you have your favourite.
you can get them here in the April 1st update
or on my download page in the left hand column here
hope thet gives somebody a bit of fun :o