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03-29-2012, 11:59 AM
Hi,anyone know if this is possible.I'm running fs9 on win xp and would like to use one 22" screen (center) and two 20" screens connected to a th2go on one of the video card inputs to show( pmdg 737)virtual cockpit in full screen mode and a forth 17" screen connected to the second video card input to show nd, pfd and eicas popups draged to this screen.All these screens have different resoloutions.Does this make a difference.I hav'nt yet bought a th2go but have experimented using two screens on the two inputs of my nvidia card run in dual view.It took a while but in the end I got some strange results.I did manage to get the vc on one screen and the pfd etc. on the other by first undocking them in windowed mode then dragging them to the second screen,then saved the flight and changed to full screen mode.The strange thing was that only two of the displays appeared on the second 20" monitor and the third display remained on the 22" monitor when I changed to full screen mode.The only way I found I could achive this was to set the same resoloution for both screens when setting up dual view on the graphics card.otherwise fs would not load,but this option gave a very poor image on either one of the monitors depending on which monitor I alocated as the primary.Changing the resolotion in fs options made no difference whatsoever.this whole exersize has left me somewhat confused and bewildered to say the least.If there is anyone out there with a better understanding of this whole multi monitor setup conundrum willing to unravel the mystries of this very complicated subject I would very much appriciat it,many thanks in advance,John Corridan.

Sean Nixon
03-29-2012, 05:39 PM
I think the TH2G like to have 3 monitors of the same resolution. What it then does is treats the 3 connected monitors as 1, with 3 times the resolution of what 1 would be. You send 1 image to this 'big' monitor, not 3 separate ones.

Cant see a problem with connecting a 4th to the 2nd output of your card tho.