View Full Version : I want to hire a reprinter and some advice if possible!

11-28-2011, 11:40 AM
Hi all,

Just some advice if I may...

I'm thinking of starting up a virtual airline, in the past I have flown for another one that was mimicking a real world airline but instead of doing this I want to build up my own virtual airline and fly from a single hub across Europe etc. and then expand the number of routes and hubs as the VA grows...

I will be using phpVMS and a custom version of kACARS but the big problem I'm having is regarding aircraft repaints and he is my question..

Due to the fact that I am starting my own airline (VA) there are no airline repaints available.. I personally currently use the Wilco Airbus and would require a paint for that but what other models should I commission repaints for? - The VA will be an Airbus A319/A320 and possible A321 only VA.

Maybe someone with more experience with Airbus's could tell me the major Airbus models which would be a good idea for me to get repaints done for? - I'm assuming Wilco, iFDG and the Project Airbus?

On a second note, I will therefore be looking for someone to do me a few repaints that I can then provide on my website for people to download and use (for the VA) would anyone be interested in providing such a service to me? - I am happy to pay, if so please could you PM me with a price for the following:-

1x Wilco Airbus Repaints (I can provide the texture files) for the A319 and A320
1x Project Airbus Repaints for the A319 and A320
1x iFDG Airbus Repaints for the A319 and A320

I will provide the logo's, I just need someone to add it to the models and provide me with the new texture files :)

The repaint will exist of the logo being adding to the main part of the body, a tail design (again, just drag and drop over the tail part, I'll create and provide the design) and then just the engines coloured in (I'll provide the colour too!) - Basically the same format as the easyJet Livery (A coloured tail, simple wording on the body and then colourful engines!)

Thanks in advance and hopefully someone will be able to help me with the repaints.

Many thanks,