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06-26-2011, 05:54 AM
Hi again, I have another issue that I'm trying to get my head around. I can't
seem to get a steady 20-25 frames on fs9 more so with heavy weather.

My specs

Server PC
Pentuim D dual core 3.2 Ghz
2 gig Ram
7600GT nvidia GPU
windows xp home
Fs2004 with addons
LevelD767 with SP3 for instrument panels only(sliders reduced to minimum and
outside visual a small as possible)
Fsuipc registered
Wideview registered ( 767 chosen)

Client PC
Intel CoreI5 2.8 Ghz
4gig Ram
2 x ATI 5670 1Gig GPU's
windows xp home
fs2004 with same addons
LevelD767 with SP3 (exact same intallation)
Fsuipc registered
wideview ( same 767 chosen as client aircraft)

I was sure that with this setup especially with the CoreI5 dedicated to outside
visuals, I would have achieved 20-25 FPS at all times? If there is a bottleneck
I was thinking it maybe it was the ATI cards but they should handle FS9 no
problem. I have just tweaked some FS9 using that great post from Trevor Hale and it hasn't
improved the framerates much. My point is I guess I didn't think with my setup
and FS9 I would have had to do anything at all. My framerates are around 15-20
FPS at best and stuttery at times especially with alot of cloud or bad weather.
I am running 3 beamers at 1280x800 with 3 undocked views and 1 topdown view
behind those. I know people who are running slower cpu's but similar setups and
seeing 40+ FPS with all weather maxed. I must have something wrong in my setup
surely, perhaps its the network?

Any suggestions?

06-27-2011, 11:07 AM
Hi guys, I ripped out the HD5670 cards and replaced them with a single Nvidia GTX275 and disabled the wideview setup and ran the entire sim from the coreI5, that is 3 beamers (1280x800) 3 mip screens (Fo on splitter). Now she is smooth as silk with virtually not stutters at all in crap weather too, unbelievable. I guess the whole networked wideview thing slowed the whole process down somewhat because I did try that with the Gtx275 aswell and still got some stuttering. I guess I'll have to go without curved visuals and warping and try 45 degree angled side views instead. Also a bonus , I will get my landing lights back too!! I might still overclock the CoreI5 slightly to better the performance again.