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06-20-2011, 08:24 PM
Hello to all!

I have asked the following question in the Project Magenta User forum on their homepage. But since I know there are lots of highly experienced users here on MyCockpit, I hope you donīt blame me for reposting it here:

I am working to get my PHIDGETS cards to work directly with PM (via PMSystemsī SYSVAR.txt and PHIDGETS.txt files), which actually works very nice.

The only 2 functions I cannot get to work are:

"TOGA" and
"AT Disconnect".

For these two functions, I canīt find any working command in the Sysvar.txt file.

I know that there are Offsets for these commands (I had them programmed for FS2Phidgets, which I used before), precicely

"050A Size 2 Bit 2" and "04F2 Size 2 Bit 16" for AT Disconnect and
"051C Bit 2" for TOGA,

but I canīt see a way to designate these Offsets to one of the Phidgets inputs.

Actually, there is a command "Toga" with the according Offset in the Sysvar file, but this does not trigger the TO/GA function as it should. It only makes the horizontal Flight Director bar showing up in the PFD as long as the button is pushed in, but otherwise the aircraft does not go into TOGA mode.

Can anybody tell me precicely what command I have to put into the Phidgets.txt file to get these commands working?

Thanks a lot,

06-25-2011, 11:04 AM
OK, with the help of Thomas Richter I finally got it working.

It is in fact much easier than I thought it would be. So if anybody has the same problem of getting these things going, here is the answer:

The Offset 04F2 is the main offset to control all the MCP inputs. The SYSVAR-Name of this command is "mcpCommand". It has to be combined with a certain number (= Size) to define the actual function of the offset. All the numbers are listed in the "PMOffset" Manual (from page 24 on), downloadable at PMīs homepage. TOGA has size 121, ADDisco has size 016.

So for TOGA and ATDISCO, the actual command to be designated to a digital input (in my case Phidgets) would be:

(digital Input no. XX) mcpcommand 121
(digital Input no. XY) mcpcommand 16

Now Input XX triggers TOGA, and Input XY triggers ATDISCO.

It IS basically explained in the PM Offsets manual, but in my opinion it could be pointed out somewhat clearer.

Very many thanks once again to Thomas Richter, who gave me this information over there in the Project Magenta User Forum!