View Full Version : FLT file, undocked windows and PC performance issues

01-17-2011, 05:39 PM
Hi all,

I am going to set up my surround view using 3 projectors very soon (ordered them already :D). Now I have a few questions about FS 9, which some of you will probably easily answer.

1. In my various preparations I stumbled upon the FLT file, where obviously the window sizes and locations on the screen are defined. Where do I find this FLT file? (I refer to Ian Camerons "3 projector setup" tutorial).

2. Is it true, that a number of undocked and aligned view windows - like in my attachment - can not be seen in full view mode, by pressing the ALT ENTER tab? Is there a way around? In other words, is it true that the window frames in my pic cannot be removed?


3. Using a 5-undocked-windows-surround view like this with medium AI traffic, I get 4-6 frames per second on my PC (Intel E6850 duocore at 3 GHz, ASUS 8800 GTX graphics card with 768 MB, RAM Corsair 2 x 2048 MB, 500 GB HDD.) Can someone give me PC specifications, that will produce satisfying 20-30 FPS?

Thanks in advance