View Full Version : 777 sim build - visuals in a box room

01-09-2011, 10:44 AM
Afternoon guys,

have just started to explore the options with regard to visuals for our 777 build up here in sunny scotland, as you can see we are very limited on space in this room (the only room lol). I have researched short throw projectors and the Benq 782ST certainly looks like it could do the job up front . However my problems are the sides and forward left and forward right views. Iam looking at the idea of a curved screen up front so am looking for any advice from more advanced simmers than myself

1. Do you think a curved screen is feasible up front with one short throw doing the job
2. for the sides would you suggest 2 lcd's or do you think this could be done via projectors, given the space i was dubious but have seen what some people have achieved and its staggering lol.

This was before the overhead and sides went on

These are pics i took this morning just to give you the idea of the battle for space i am facing.....