View Full Version : Ok, so who's left christmas shopping to the last minute?

Geremy Britton
12-22-2010, 02:10 PM
Hi all

I know christmas shopping for some can be difficult, so GLB Flight Products is offering the purchase of gift vouchers to be used with us.

If you're struggling to find a simpart present for a friend/husband/partner/wife/relative etc or unsure what they're after. Consider giving a GLB Flight Products gift voucher.

This is a new introduction for us, and is ideal for a christmas or birthday present, and is a lasting gift that can be used at any time through the website with a voucher code for an instant pre agreed discount.

There will soon be the option to buy the vouchers through the website direct, however as some of you may be struggling to find a gift for a simbuilder, this idea may suit you immediately as christmas is just around the corner.

The voucher, with code supplied, is emailed to you ready to be printed and presented to your friend or loved one on the big day.

If you are interested please contact me
Have a good christmas :)