View Full Version : Engravity CDU & Win7.. weird 737 CDU menu ??

12-19-2010, 01:23 PM

During the last few days I upgraded my PM clients to new ones with Win7 OS this time, instead of Win XP I had in the past.

Almost everything during the upgrade went straight forward, except the CDU. Unfortunately Win7 didn't assign any COMM port to the CDU. I googled around and found out in the Engravity forum that many folks had the same issues as mine with the Engravity driver and win7. So there is a new driver for Win7 (silabs driver)... which was downloaded and comm port was assigned. Everything ok then ?


1. What I noticed was that the menu of the CDU is not the same as before with the Engravity driver. The differences are not huge, but I am used to type my flight plans and now I have to search around alot. I also noticed that there is no settings option in the menu, and I can see some weird things like Lbs instead of Kgs, the AIRACS are not there anymore, the usual POS-> ROUTE-> PERF -> N1, etc... procedure is not there too, not to mention SID and STARS... Anyway to make the lonk story short, the CDU works, but it is not like the ordinary 737 menu I am used to.

2. After installing silabs driver, 737-800 aircraft is not in the list of aircrafts anymore. I have choosed 737-700 instead but I would prefer to have the option of 800 as before.

I am sure many of you guys have upgraded to WIN7, so you must have faced this issue, right ? Is there any solution in this ?

I was thinking to uninstall and reinstall PM CDU, but really would that make a difference ? Just asking :roll:

Would appreciate your help,


12-19-2010, 04:29 PM
Hi again,

I just noticed that the PM CDU is actualy displaying everything correct, when at the same time, the engravity CDU does not show the bottom two rows of the PM CDU. There is an option "font" on the left bottom... That's weird :roll:

Any idea ?