View Full Version : What about a DR400

11-03-2010, 08:48 AM

I've begining to have that idea and I'm working hard on it.
What are you thinking about it?
I'm gonna begin with a panel on 3 part:
-Pilot part
-Radio part
-Fist officier part ( I think that I'm not going to put moving gauges on it)

The radios will be something like saitek or goflight, and I gonna buy a GPS who's be just under the radio part.

I'll just do something who's not real, but I really want to have the two things: I'll put an Auto pilot. Beacause of the pleasure of navigation.

I'll work with Opencockpit electronic parts.

I want to have a 95% realistic cockpit.

I think that begening with a little plane is the better way!

So now I go working on it.

Do you have some interessant sites or information about this plane or anything what I absolutly need?