View Full Version : Feeling Stupid... need help on deleting key assignments

09-06-2010, 12:06 AM

I've just spent two hours deleting default key assignments in FS9, over and over...

I've spent another half hour searching MC.org for a solution...

I give up. I need help.

I have tried unsuccessfully to delete all my key and joystick assignments in FS9. I've done this before and never had a problem.

After several tedious deletions through the FS9 interface, I loaded FS9 Configurator and tried that way. It deleted them, but every time I restart FS9... they're back.

I even created a new FS9 profile, exe, and cfg and tried deleting those... it worked, until a restart.

Help. I know it must be something easy but my brain is fried.



Sorry... forgot to mention... the only thing hooked to the computer right now is an BU0836X with my yokes and TRIM, AP DISC, and PTT switches. It shows up in FS9.

09-06-2010, 07:05 AM
Never happened to me Warren, It seems like something is re-generating from the beggining a file or something after start up :roll:

Possibly more experienced simmers can help here

Jordan Farmer
09-06-2010, 07:08 AM
Are you deleting the assignments while in flight or on the main settings page on the startup screen? I had this problem, i found i was deleting them from the menu at the top of the sim screen, its a bug in FS9 thats a real pain in the arse! Try deleting from the main menu, then see what happens!

09-06-2010, 07:32 AM
And you did save your new config?

You can do it manually in the configfiles to:
XP C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\
Vista C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\

Edit the xml file in notepad or other texteditor.