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Jordan Farmer
08-16-2010, 07:27 PM
Hi there guys, ive been designing a G1000 based cockpit and heres the outcome of the PFD, now as im rubbish at CAD, ive done this in Schaeffer-AG's Front panel designer, so its not looking amazing, but when i get better at CAD, i will make a proper model in that, and show you!

But here is my PFD, to fit a 10.4'' monitor. As you can see, it contains the in-built GFC700 fully intergrated AHRS autopilot system. The MFD will hold a 15'' monitor, as i have a spare one to hand :p This model is a first test and is holding back on cost a little, as im not the richest! But i hope you like the look, give me your first impressions, please!




08-17-2010, 11:22 AM
You don't actually need 2 x 10.4" monitors at all, just 2 x 15" will do. How?

If you make your MIP from 12mm MDF you can sit all your knobs and buttons actually in the MIP panel its self as it is so thick, its possible to mount encoders and puch puttons in the holes, I know this because my MIP is 12mm thick and my OBS knobs sit nicely in the MIP with the monitor firmly behind the panel.

So all you need to do it create a 10.4" cutout with all your holes for buttons and encoders and then mount your 15" monitor behind it. It can be done trust me, may take a little modifying to achieve the result, but big savings I guess!

Jordan Farmer
08-17-2010, 12:45 PM
Well, that could work i guess, the MFD i want to be 15'' anyway, like some versions of the real world counterpart. I have a 19'' monitor i could use, and flip it on its side, to use the bottom half as standby gauges, hmm, food for thought eh? :p Cheers Alex!


08-17-2010, 01:20 PM
Back in the day when I actually considered the glass cockpit for my sim, I drew up a very simple panel that just used 2 x 10" touchscreen monitors from ebay 150 each x 2, for 300 most of your sim is built.

I come up with this simple design, the MIP could be cnc'ed from MDF and most of the panels painted black on top of the grey MIP.


I drew this in Visio as a .dwg drawing.

Cheers, Alex