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05-17-2010, 05:46 PM

I'm a newbie with PM and don't know how to change the PFD and ND from ATT MAP to normal state. Can you please help?


05-18-2010, 02:20 AM

hi - I believe you're getting the IRS unaligned state -if you read pg32 of the PM Manual (IRS Position), you'll see how to do this.

The CDU needs to know where it is in the world
just like the CDU on the actual aircraft. If you do
not set the CDU position then parts of the Glass
Cockpit Displays will be blanked out from view
with Amber warning flags ATT and MAP. This is a
safety feature of the GC if a position uncertainty
occurs whilst the aircraft is on the ground.
To set the CDU position, press the LSK key that is
next to the INDEX option (bottom right). Then select the LSK opposite the POS option. Now the position
page will appear.
You can either enter a specific airport code in the REF AIRPORT or you can press the LSK next to the REF
AIRPORT line and the CDU will detect the current airport from MSFS. The LAT and LONG will appear
opposite. Select the LSK to bring the new LAT and LONG into the Scratch Pad. Then press the LSK next to
SET IRS POS and the new LAT and LONG will be taken into the IRS position and set. Now the CDU will
have a fix and the Glass Cockpit display warning flag indicators ATT and MAP will disappear.

Hope this helps.