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05-13-2010, 10:35 PM
I got two items that I'm selling that has to do with flight simulation. I have it listed on eBay right now but would it be ok for me to post the link in this thread or do I need to create a listing in the classified section of this site?

05-14-2010, 01:28 AM
Many builders post links to Ebay sales, I think it's fine to go ahead and put your links in posts!

Cheers, Gwyn

05-14-2010, 07:12 AM
I have two CH Products up for sale on eBay. The CH multi-engine throttle quadrant and the CH Flight stick Pro. Bought them last year. They are in excellent working condition. Kinda dusty because I have not used them in 4 months. I have the orginal box for the throttle quad but I don't have the original box for the flight stick. Control Manager v4.2 CD is also included. I'm asking for $94 and shipping is free. Asking for US based buyers only.


Matt Olieman
05-14-2010, 08:00 AM
"Off Site Articles For Sale" Forum category is the area to post eBay items. :)

I moved to posts to the appropriate area :)

05-16-2010, 07:34 AM
Thanks for the moving the thread Matt :D

05-18-2010, 06:12 PM
This auction has ended. Somebody bought it :D