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05-06-2010, 07:24 AM
hey JeeHell,

a member of the forum suggested trying your airbus software and i gave it a shot for a couple of minutes...

i can see you have done great work already on your project, given that you made it all by yourself...
but why dont you change the PFD,SD,EWD,ND fonts to the real ones?? for example use this font MS33558.ttf .. it is very close to the one that airbus uses... it must be a 5 minute job or something to change a font...

these little details make the difference mate ;)

also, i know i am asking for waaaayy too much, but it would be great if you could develop an a340 version.. at least for me and many other people that dislike the a320 like i do..

05-06-2010, 08:18 AM

The issue of font has been raised recently, and I'm currently working on it, along with Christoph (kikigey89 on the forum). He has been able to design a font similar to the real Airbus DU font, and free of any legal rights. As you're probably aware, font distribution is not as easy as it sounds, and even the one you suggest is subject to copyright.
And just to let you know, changing the font of all the DUs took me 4 days ;)
The next version will include the possibility to change the font, even if the standard one will be best suited in my opinion.

As for the A340 version (or even 330), you're are free to ask ;), but it has already be debated, I don't have the time to do it. My cockpit project is A320, so I'll stick to the A320, sorry. I do it for free and the only outcome I want is a software that suits me, if I can make other people happy about it, it's just added value but not critical.

Anyway, if you have any comment to make, still feel free to post, I assure I do consider everyone view of the project!!

Best Regards,
Jean Luc

05-06-2010, 10:15 AM
ok you made yourselft clear... thank you