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04-19-2010, 01:40 AM
Greetings from sunny Tampere Finland!

We are constructing Cessna 172 flight sim based on a real C172 Skyhawk II fuselage:



Our sim is using Flight 1 C172 as a flight model:

My request concerns new 'special' virtual cockpit. I am not experienced graphic designer or cannot code G-Max myself
so I kindly ask your help for this.

We are running our simulator with a curved screen and 3 video projectors.
I would like to ask this help on behalf of me but also all fellow simmers with curved visual screens.

Would it be possible for someone to create a 'special' virtual cockpit for F1 C172. This virtual cockpit would only have prop in the center of the screen and in the sides you could see front section of the wings and wing support columns.
This method is used in almost all commercial GA Cessna flight simulators with curved screen and projectors.


Here is also 2 pictures:

I have tried to find a person to code this kind of solution for F1 Cessna here in Finland but nobody knows how to do it. They are telling it would have to be a person who have created the original virtual cockpit or a person who can code G-Max.

If you could help me, feel free to contact me anytime via my email: robots@jippii.fi


Bjarne Horsbøl
04-19-2010, 01:06 PM
Hello Olli !

I also would like to have what you are seeking !!! and I would pay for it.....

I like to fly c172 and B200

I have MIP on monitor one and view outlook on monitor two.

Till now I have only found it with Aeroworx B200 , if I sellect aircraft with no vc

This is what I see in B200 in no vc mode... turning my head to the left in steps...






The main thing here is that you need some ref. point if you turn your head (using Track ir) or your tophat.

Sorry for my bad english....

Best regards Bjarne Horsboel

p.s. I follow your project !!!!!!!!!:D

04-20-2010, 02:34 AM

I have now had some information from Avsim forum. The solution is to make a "empty"
virtual cockpit model.

No. You would need to at least create an "empty model" in order for the VC View to again become active/selectable. Check out the reply from below: (FSX instructions, we are using FS2004).

"You could use GMax (free on the FSX Deluxe DVD#1) and the FSX SDK to create a set of props (still, slow and blurred), and the wings/struts you wished to see."

Any Gmax/ SDK programmers here?