View Full Version : Fs9 now looks better than ever!

03-27-2010, 07:50 PM
Guys, I wanted to share this post as I consider it important for all 2004 users. This topic is covered also in 2004 scenery thread. I have been flying fs2004 for years and have tried fsx but like many I was dissapointed big time with the performance. However the computer systems available today are fast making fsx a very playable sim too. The settings I have been using are set to full and with addon scenery I have been having a very happy flight sim experience with good frame rates. I was never able to have the mip mapping set higher than 4 because the shimmering effect was too great and it looked horrible. So flying around with this set at 4 the scenery was not not extended a great distance in front of me nor was it at its best resolution. It still looked good and was running at 30 fps no problem. However I have recently discovered (thanks to the fine people here at mycockpit!) a small program called Nhancer for Nvidia cards. It basically is just a better control panel for the graphics card. I applied the correct setting in there and "BINGO" people, fs2004 now has a mip mapping of 8 and no horrible shimmering. The part that amazed me is now the scenery as filled in extensively and almost goes out to the horizon at great resolution. "Man have I been missing out". Using ultimate terrain and this new setting fs9 looks completely different for me and is very exciting. I will post some before and after screen shots to illustrate my point. Some of you may know about this and may consider it old news but for those who don't and have an Nvidia card, get Nhancer and get the most out of fs2004.

screenshots to come.