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03-27-2010, 12:02 PM

I want to do the following:

FSX in full screen mode (with my videao card Radeon 5770 it is the only way I get a good frame rate)
and a GPS gauges (Reality XP Gramin 430) on a second screen (I only want to display the GPS screen as I have hardware to control the buttons)

So What are the solution I could go for:
As Reality XP gauges are part of FSX when I go full screen mode the GPS gauges comes back into the main screen. Is there any way to tell the GPS windows to maximize or stay on the second screen?

If I use WideView or some other program I would not know about. Could I run a second ciopy of FSX on a second computer and only display from that second computer the GPS windows.
IF this could work I would also need to map the hardware key strokes to the second computer I suppose !!! Anybody can help, tell me if this solution could work??

Dose anybody have any other solution


03-27-2010, 08:02 PM

I dont believe there is a solution to your problem, as Reality XP is a gauge, it must run on your FS PC. If anybody else knows of a solution, I too would love to know.

There was a rumour that RXP were looking at a network option, but I am not sure that this is the case, you could always ask them.

Good luck with your problem, I sympathise with you as I too wish to solve this problem badly.


03-28-2010, 01:20 PM
Depending on the VC (Video Card) you have? Many modern ones have a dual output. You can extend the display to the second output. This output can then be the Garmin LCD in your cockpit if you like. You will need to map your panel to allow that to happen. Not as easy as opening a second window but doable.

I should think though the second computer option would be best. In that event you could also have access to some of RXP other FS9 gauges that currently aren't available in FSX (HDMI eg). If you have FS9 available? All you would need to do to map the key strokes (FSX => FSX) is copy the FSX.cfg file over to the other computer. If one is FSX and one is FS9 then you would perhaps would need to map again. Some keystrokes don't exist in FS9 that are in FSX and vice/versa.

That's kind of my plan too. I want to have a Panel comp (only producing panel imagery on comp 2). I may put some other duties over there as well to lighten the load on the main FSX comp (networking - VATSIM etc.)

The Garmin Gauge from RXP is both FSX and FS9 compatible btw. So it could be used on either one

07-04-2010, 02:29 PM
This can be done at least in FS2004.

The idea is to edit GPS window measurements from the GPS config file so that you cut of the software buttons etc. and only have the actual
creen of the GPS visible. Since you are using Hardware buttons anyway, you can cut the software buttons away from the view.

In windows settings you have define 2 different displays.

Then in FS2004 first open the outside view in undocked window. Also GPS need to be undocked window.

Put the gps in the right place. Then go back to outside view and change it back to full screen.
Then go and resize the GPS view from the GPS unit window. Save.