View Full Version : Can canopy glass be removed from virtual cockpits in FSX?

03-16-2010, 10:17 PM
The tint effect of the interior canopy glass in virtual cockpit mode greatly reduces the quality of the outside view vs the regular forward cockpit view. However, the regular forward cockpit view has no VC parts (the parts magically appear when looking left / right / etc, but the tint effect also returns :? ). I'm needing to see all of the virtual cockpit without any canopy glass. Is there a way to remove just the glass while retaining the remainder of the VC? I know you can remove the VC completely, but I only want to remove the canopy glass or at least make it completely transparent with no tinting. I successfully removed the texture within the associated dds file, but it still left the physical glass image with a non-textured milky looking film. There apparently is more to it than just texture. I'd like to do this with the F-18 HUD glass as well if possible. Any help would be great. Thanks! :)