View Full Version : Cessna Citation Mustang - Could be funny

03-08-2010, 06:04 AM
If I had the time, money, space.......

Build the total inside of the Cessna Citation Mustang.
Cockpit at front ( obviously :grin:) and only 2 leather seats in the
back equipped as an office with computer, phones etc.

Start a long flight in the morning and go on autopilot. Then work and
follow the flight progress through the side window, and land
in the evening (and for fueling of course during lunch brake)


Well.....just a thought :idea::idea::idea::roll:

The F1 Citation mustang is a very nice platform for a Cockpit, because
of the big flight screens.
By the way, I am doing an iPhone app with the help of "Snatch" to interface the total FMS (in the Mustang that is...).
When finished I will upload it to the Snatch web page for others to benefit.

Re Peter