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01-26-2010, 08:17 PM
If I may, I would like to introduce you to my latest project

Sim Panel Connect (demo) has been written to connect Phidget components to FSX for flight sim cockpit builders. The demo version will connect a Phidget USB servo controller (running Hitec rc servos) as well as the Phidget Text LCD with 8/8/8 Interface. The demo will provide com1 nav1 readouts via the text lcd, throttle, mixture and flap controls through Phidget sliders, as well as airspeed and Engine RPM via HiTec servos and the Phidget servo controller.

This program is software only and meant for evaluation purposes, A full single engine VFR version is available and I am currently working on a helicopter variation. It is the builders responsibility to obtain his/her own phidget components. See the documents in the zip file.

The program requires FSX, Simconnect, and the phidget library (downloadable at www.phidgets.com)

Tested in Vista (home premium) and Windows 7

The Demo is located here (http://www.livingskyaerobatics.com/Sim%20Panel%20Connect%20Demo.zip)