View Full Version : Problems with RCDU

12-17-2009, 12:59 AM
Hi all,

I've been having some problems with my RCDU since it was installed 6 months ago, but have had other more important projects to work on so I've just ignored it and flown with the RCDU PC turned off for the time being.

- At times, the RCDU is very slow to respond to inputs. For example, if I'm on the PROG page and press the LEGS button, it will "think" about it for a good 20-30 seconds before the screen changes to display the LEGS page. Sometimes it doesn't change at all.

- More annoyingly, when selecting a new page or keying letters or numbers (waypoints, weights, etc.) on the CAPT CDU, the input will sometimes transfer to the RCDU. Examples would be: Pressing the LEGS page on the CAPT CDU changes the RCDU to the legs page while the CAPT CDU still shows whatever page it was on before... or typing in a waypoint such as CSINO , CSNO might show up on the CAPT scratchpad while the I shows up on the RCDU scratchpad.

I've run the PM network diagnostic tool and all reports as normal. When the problems aren't present, the RCDU works fine... but when they are, boy, it can be annoying.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is there any known fix, if so?