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Jake 747 400
10-26-2009, 02:13 PM


It's really too early to talk about specific features on the NGX. We know cockpit builders would like a fully accessible interface to the data though and I'm sure we'll consider it."

I found this on the PMDG forum, there are other posts too such as:

We're focused on the 744X and MD-11 first. Won't be any feature announcements on the NG 2.0 for a while. Like I said, we know people want this functionality"

These we posted by PMDG software delevlopment staff, a thread posted by costomers about a pmdg SDK for the 737 and 747 to allow pmdgs offsets to be used.

But this was back in 2007 so maybe they gave up on the idea.


Jake 747 400
10-26-2009, 02:28 PM
Found this also,

"It is not due to lack of interest that we won't open up our offsets values to hardware builders. The reason is simple: It took us a very long time to develop our systems at a professional grade. For example: The autopilot flight director system is very generic and can be used everywhere, so we consider it a trade secret and will only work with specific hardware vendors to develop drivers for their hardware.

Please don't consider this business decision as contrary to "a single attempt to help us cockpitbuilders" - if Phidgets would be done in a way that could protect our proprietary data, we'd be supporting that too."

That was a reply to angry customers who were posting about thier anger at PMDG for not having an open interface.