View Full Version : Best way to remove real Dzus fasteners?

10-15-2009, 02:20 PM
I have a piece of real avionics that I need to mount on an aluminum rail. The box currently has real Dzus fasteners that I want to remove and replace with fake ones made by Sismo Soluciones. (I know, but I don't want to install Dzus rails in this particular application.

How do I remove these fasteners? I can see a small metal grommet on the underside, but the grommet is very small. Would it be better to just drill through the fastener?


10-15-2009, 03:12 PM
The DZUS is fitted by inserting it into the panel and then using a press tool to flare the collar into a countersink on the reverse of the panel.

I have removed them for re-use without damaging them by inserting a broken drill stub up the centre of the fastener. I then put a large nut (a few mm taller than the DZUS) around the cup of the DZUS on the topside.

I then put the panel into the vice and pressed the DZUS out (nut against one jaw, drill stub against the other).

This roughly emulates the function of the special tool (see attached)

If you are not bothered about damaging the DZUS, I guess you could dispense with the drill stub.

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