View Full Version : Help Needed getting parts

09-25-2009, 03:06 PM
HELP!! I would like help from our members within the continental USA please.
On Ebay as we know, there are many items that ( real and simulated ), that we could all use in our sims. My problem is, and I'm sure many overhere in the UK have the same problem, that some US sellers do not ship to England.
YES I am aware of the new rules for shipping items out of the US (Homeland security etc etc and respect those), and the constraints that it puts on the sale of items. BUT some of the US sellers do not ship outside the US as it's too much of a hastle ( customs declarations, packing, insurance etc. ), than what it is to ship within the US.
Im hoping that there is a member or members that would be willing to have these items shipped to their address, and then ship them to the UK for me. Payment for shipping within the US would already be paid for with the item, and payment to be paid for shipping to the UK, BEFORE item is shipped.
Currently I'm after (Ebay) a back plate for my Martin Baker MkH5A seat to upgrade to a MkH7A, and an old 1960's flightsuit, to go with my F-4J main and side panels (ex USN/USMC F-4J).
If anyone, or more than one is willing to help, please PM me.

Thanks for your time...regards, John P (UK)