View Full Version : advive req re fs panel studio

08-23-2009, 10:48 AM
hi guy

the flight model my simpit is based on only has a 3D panel (fsx)
can i use fs panel studio to build 2D panels for my simpit using the 3D instruments in my program or do I need to find 2D versions of the imstruments to import into fs panel studio.
im hoping to use one pc and a TH2Go for the external views and a second networked pc to rum 2 17" monitors with instruments built by fs panel studio or similar. I alreaqdy have a licenced copy of fsuipc and wide fs to sync the network.

lots more questions needing to be asked now that im at the pc instalation stage of my BAe hawk.cant wait to take it for a short hop to check out if I've done everything correctly.