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06-03-2009, 08:09 PM
Gents, I’d like to pick at your collective brains to see what set up would work best in an homemade cockpit I plan to set up. Here’s the premise of the discussion:

I am setting up a homemade cockpit (the plane is of no importance here, probably an A320) and I want to use three screens – the front view obviously and left/right quarter views. Here are my questions:

How many of you use the Matrox (TripleHead2Go) solution? How does that work for you?

2) How can I “raise” the eye POV in the front view, permanently? I don’t like the fact that the default front view looks down too much. Id like to raise the POV in the config setting so that I see less of the ground and more of the sky. I guess I need to lower the horizon line somewhat. Any ideas as to what adjustments I need to fiddle with? I suppose that after adjusting the front view, I will also have to adjust the side views accordingly?

3) To my eye the view through the virtual cockpit is nicer that the 2D view. Is there a way to get rid for the virtual cockpit so that I can have an unobstructed vie of the front of the plane without the virtual cockpit?

4) I’m toying with the idea to use three projectors instead of three monitors. Is the Matrox solution still a viable one? Will that cause the computer to slow down or will it actually help? Anyone out there has a similar set up?

My computer runs FSX reasonably well. I get 30-40 fps most anywhere and even PMDG and Level D planes behave quite smoothly. Even the CS 757 cuts through the sky like a hot knife through butter… However, I plan to update my computer to Windows 7 64-bit as soon as it comes out to take advantage of all my ram (4GB).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this topic.


06-03-2009, 09:02 PM
Lots of people use TH2Go and it works great with monitors or projectors. Performance is hardly affected when using it.

You can permanently change the POV in your config settings.

You can get a clear view in the virtual cockpit by deleting the views in the aircraft panel config.

06-04-2009, 09:59 AM
Thanks Grant. I appreciate your advice. Can you be more specific insofar as editing the config files? I knew that editing config files would achieve the results I need. I was hoping for a more precise guidance. Which parameters would affect the front POV that I should edit. I presume we're talking about editing the Panel config (for both the 2D panel viewsas well as the virtual cockpit?).

Michael Carter
06-04-2009, 10:16 AM
I have found in my experience that just deleting the virtual cockpit windows in the .config file will not eliminate them. They are hard coded to the flight model.

Some may have had better luck with this but I have not.

There is a hex modification that will remove the VC. The procedure is floating around on the web. If you search for "Eliminating VC in Flight Simulator", it should put you on the right lead.

The hex editor to perform this is free too.

In addition to eliminating the VC, it will also take out your landing lights, so think if you want to do this. It is reversable though.

06-05-2009, 03:22 AM

Here's some feedback to your questions:

1) I am using a TH2GO with 3 projectors on my PMDG 747 setup.
Has been working like a champ for quite some time now after some initial
struggles to get it working which was mainly due to things like autosensing
(Matrox isn't the best sw writer in the world so I had to tweak things a bit)

2) If you want to change your POV there is an entry in the aircraft.cfg file
which looks as follows:
eyepoint = -19.100, -1.312, 11.122 ; Longitude, Latitude and Vertical position from Reference Point, (FEET)
//eyepoint= -18.848, -1.312, 11.122
Play around with the various values until you have the view you want; if
you make a back-up before you start tweaking then no harm can be done.

3) I am not using the VC mode; I am just projecting the outside world on a
large screen (there are some pictures in the files section)

4) Like I said, TH2GO and projectors is just fantastic mainly because of the
enlarged view (instead of peaking through the limited space of a monitor)
My system runs an average of 30 fps and that is just fine (even 25 will do)
but that's not all that is required. You will need to tune your PC very well
such that it will also load the next part of the scenery without stutters.
If you enlarge the view to, as in my case, 3 times a width of 2 meters and
hight of 1,22 meter you will notice even the smallest stutter.

Hope this helps.