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03-07-2009, 10:19 PM
Hi Fellow cockpit builders,

I have used the search function and cannot get an exact answer to my question and was hoping someone could assist.

I have bought a DIY throttle from SIMPARTS and i am trying to callibrate the reversers which are on the same pot as the throttle.

I have specified the low value as -4096 in my FS2Phidget config file, so that is no problem. The issue i have is I cannot seem to define an IDLE point on the pot, which means that when i am in the IDLE position on the throttles i am already applying 5% thrust. Applying reverser thrust works a treat and puts the pot in the -3000 FS range.

When i place the throttles to idle, my POT reading is 300.

Is there a way to tell FS2Phidget to map pot readings 300-1000 to FS values of 0 and 16,384 and then pot values between 0-300 to -4096 - 0?

Or is there another way to solve this problem apart from using a seperate pot for reversers.

Thank you kindly.


03-08-2009, 04:07 AM

Did you try with FSUIPC axis calibration you can specify this option.

Fly safe


03-08-2009, 06:43 PM
Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the tip.

For anyone else interested in getting this to work in the same way, I have done the following.

In FS2Phidgets i write to the following values 3BB2 - Quadrant axis 1 and 3BBA - Quadrant axis 2, which are hidden values in FSUIPC to write to AXIS values, since phidget cards will not register as Joysticks in windows. Then i set an FS range of 0-127 for the pot inputs in my fs2phidgets config file. Once this is done i can then move my pot all the way from one side to another and the FS value moves from 0-127. I then configure the Axis Assignment in FSUIPC by moving my throttle lever. This then is automatically registers the movement in the Axis Assignment Tab of FSUIPC. Once this is registered I tell it to send these values to the Axis Throttle 1. Then under the Joystick Calibration under Engines and then Throttle 1, i can specify Reverse, Idle and Max which are just calibrated by moving the pot into the required position.

Hope this helps someone else.