View Full Version : Canon SX10IS is on the way!

Michael Carter
02-06-2009, 09:15 PM
I'm finally getting a decent camera to shoot photos. I haven't used my Canon A-1 in several years now, mainly because of the cost of processing and the PITA of having to take the film somewhere to be processed.

This camera is about a half-step below a DSLR and will even outshoot a few Canon's, Nikon's, and Oly's low-end models.

It will record up to one hour or 4GB's of video, whichever comes first and can rival a dedicated cam-corder. The downside is that it doesn't have HD video, though the SX1IS does. But the SX1IS sacrifices some still image quality using the CMOS imager rather than the CCD imager in the SX10IS.

I've read every review I could find, seen dozens of videos, and hundreds of pictures and I couldn't find anything this good at this price point. In some cases I couldn't find anything this good at a price point of $100 or more.

Farewell to my faithful Canon A-1, hello SX10IS!