View Full Version : Busy in Europe Today

Michael Carter
12-27-2008, 04:08 PM
There were aircraft everywhere in Bavaria and northern and eastern Austria today. Many more than I usually see on any trip through this area

Here is a 737 paralleling my course on T104 while he's on UL603. This is just past Dinkelsbuhl (DKB) heading southeast.


Here's another, this time an MD-80 on an opposite heading on UL173 between Munich and Salzburg.


This was a London to Vienna run. Very nice flight. It booked out within 400Lbs of fuel, and EPR and speeds were right on bug. It was a great flight.

One thing I noticed that the SP-50 is supposed to do but never did, was follow barometric altitude. Every time the pressure changed, I'd have to adjust the altitude manually. Well, today it decided to follow the barometric altitude, but at 200' higher than assigned. Didn't matter if I changed the pressure or manually took it back down to FL330, it was determined to fly at FL332 until I punched off the AP before entering and descending for the STAR.

Not sure what is going on there, but I'm going to re-start FS and fly another leg and see what happens.