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12-20-2008, 12:50 AM
I had been checking flight planner after planner and I finally decided to just use the built-in planner. It's quick and easy and still gets all the necessary info across but lets those of us with the desire to do it manually that option as well.

The flight is Saturday Jan 3rd 2009. It runs for 24 hours so everyone should have a chance to get in the action.

We have a very nice course laid out for your flying pleasure. Lots of touch and gos with some really nice scenery. We are going to cruise from Lihue Kauai, to Hilo, Big Island. taking the scenic route. Total flight time should be right around 2 hours in the Twin Otter. I reccomend this plane because of the places we are going to be doing our touch and gos are not always big enough to host a 7xx anything.

When we get to Hilo, there will be a BBQ at the far end of the GA ramp. Come get your favorite beverage and a nice local plate lunch.

As always, respond to this in the blog because this thread runs out of fuel at FL45.

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