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11-11-2008, 07:55 PM
Hello to all,

World Flight 2008 is history, our simulator performed perfect, just a few software hangs and a lot of disconnects from the VATSIM-Network ...

From our flightdeck I would like to introduce our donators:

René Eulderink >>> WF804 KSFO San Francisco to KTUS Tucson

Philipp Weninger >>> WF805 KTUS Tucson to MMMY Monterrey

Alexander Labak (right) >>> WF811 SPIM Lima to SLVR Santa Cruz
Daniel Schweiger (left) >>> WF812 SLVR Santa Cruz to SGAS Asuncion

Markus Leeb / 2 Legs >>>
WF826 GGOV Bissau to GCLP Las Palmas und
WF827 GCLP Las Palmas to GMMN Casablanca

Alex Wemmer (developer of VASFMC) >>> WF830 EIDW Dublin to LOWI Innsbruck

Alexander Arlow >>> WF831 LOWI Innsbruck to LTBA Istanbul

Siegfried Huss >>> WF832 LTBA Istanbul to UGTB Tiflis

Excelsior Class Catering ŕ la FLY737 :-)

Norbert online as LOWI_APP, trying to squeeze 32 inbounds into the Innsbruck valley :-)

During the next weeks we will present the donation sum of EUR 1.350,-- to the Christophorus 9 Rescue Helicopter Basis in Vienna/Aspern.

Once again, many thanks to all controllers and pilots, hit the drum and tell all your friends about this event. We are looking forward to meet you all again virtually on Monday, Nov 2nd at 00:01 MEZ, when the call is:

"Towing system and steering pin removed, wait for my hand signal on your left hand side, bye-bye!"

FLY737 - World Flight Team Austria
René & Norbert

Trevor Hale
11-11-2008, 09:09 PM

Fantastic Job, and thanks for the post.

Next year we are going to welcome all the teams, and hopefully be the single Video Stream hosting Provider for all the teams in one location so we can archive all the teams videos in all the legs.

Please hook up with us again as we progress to next years goal.

Best regards,

MyCockpit Staff.

Michael Carter
11-11-2008, 09:15 PM
Great photos guys. Thanks for posting!

Yep that's German Airports Innsbruck. Same thing I see when pulling in.

Great job guys!

11-12-2008, 04:37 AM
Hi all,

fantastic event .... I joined in and flew from bissau to gran canaria... the next day I joined in
from dublin over my house in belgium to be squeezed in the innsbruck valley.
I love this event and have most respect for all people joining in to support the great causes
this stands for. If I can get my sim ready before summer 2009 and I can gather together
enough pilots I'll join the full event next year... lets see.
One remark I got however, picking in to the original post. Normally I fly the IVAO network, not the VATSIM. Being disconnected from IVAO happens ... rarely... and not really depending on the amount of traffic. Only in case a complete server crashes , disconnections are seen.
On the flight from EIDW to LOWI I was disconnected 4 times in Dublin and 1 time in LOWI.
Other people were also disconnected regularly... what keeps WF2009 from flying it on IVAO?

Greetz Peter

11-12-2008, 05:29 AM
Your sim looks fantastic my friend and your commeraderie online was great. Always a pleasure seeing the great job you guys do.

all the best
Rev Fish

11-12-2008, 08:33 AM
Hi Reverent!
Thanks for your kind words ... we really missed you this year!

All the best to Vancouver, where my youngest son stayed for three weeks last year. He was part of a student exchange program, lived by a family in Old Lillooet Road. Since then he talks permanently about Canada and that he likes to return one day!

Take care my friend