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06-27-2006, 04:58 AM
Hi Roberto,

I know its not really a question but I wanted you to know this.
last weekend I had the opportunity to fly the A319/320/321 Level-D sim at brussels airport
Eventhough it was just for some minutes, I felt like a real pilot in control of the airbus.
I landed the airbus from 10 miles out to runway 25R (ILS) at EBBR pretty smooth but not 100% aligned
to the centerline. Probably this a routine for you but I found it (for myself) an accomplishment
and a prove that my time spent on the PC is not really a waste. The other person in the sim for example
had glider experience and here the "dual input" alarm was sounding several times, the pilot had to intervene
to get it back on track.

I certainly will continue my project and will try to do this again (hopefully a little longer) so I can see if I can
also perform some other approaches.

Greetz Peter Depoortere

06-27-2006, 10:53 AM
NO WAY MAN!! That is so cool!! Actually me flying FS for several years helped me much better to Understand Jets and actually made my way through the sim much more easier !! Plus it helped me flying Raw Data or basically fly the Bus as a Cessna!! LOL!!
And donīt feel bad about Centerline ( I donīt get it always on the centerline ... But donīt tell LOL) You landed the Bus and that is great plus is more difficult to land the sim than it is the real plane!!

Thanks for sharing!


06-27-2006, 01:44 PM
Hi Peter,
That must have been awesome. Your story brings back the memory of my short flight time in a 747-400 level D sim and my FS experience also helped a lot as compared to other people without this experience. Most fun was to start in the left hand seat dark cockpit and have the real captain read the checklist while I performed all the tasks. He was amazed. Ofcourse I had practiced before in MSFS. Taxi out and take-off also went well. Landing went well but had some trouble also handling the throttles and reversers. And at my third landing on three engines I was so concentrated :shock: I forgot to flare. An experience never to forget, this real simulator. Hope you can get another ride in there.