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08-24-2008, 10:54 AM

I'm working on building a fsx based cockpit, for several educational purposes (for no specific aircraft at this time).

My setup is based on one videoprojector and three 22" lcd panels for the instruments.

One special work topic will be about building special panels. So I'm looking on two specific areas :

* development of gauges, etc
* modification of panels using existing gauges but resizing, placing them

So far, my setup works with 4 pc (using fsuipc, widefs and FreeFD for some instruments) but I have very little knowledge of development on this topic. Would anyone have some suggestions for my project ?

Thanks in advance,


08-24-2008, 12:20 PM

There is a Microsoft tutorial on making XML gauges that covers the basics. It's included in the SDK which is on the MSFSX Deluxe installation DVD. It's also online as part of the MS ESP documentation.

It makes use of an XML editing tool ("ACE" tool) which may have been installed by the SDK rather than FSX. I'm not sure.

There is also documentation about the panel configuration file which tells FSX where to place instruments on the panel.

Here's another source of tutorials: http://www.fs2x.com/Tutorials.htm There are some small differences in FS9 XML and FSX XML. As the fs2x tutorials are older, there is a small chance there may be some issues running these gauges in FSX. I'm not sure about this, however. These are excellent tutorials, but I've not tried to run them in an FSX panel.

If you're interested in C-gauges rather than XML gauges, the ultimate reference is "Gauge Creation Tutorial" by Dai Griffiths. It's gone through multiple revisions (rev 27 just came out) and is quite extensive. It's available from the download libraries of several FS forums (Avsim, FlightSim.com and Simviation, IIRC)

08-24-2008, 05:52 PM
Hi Atturi,

FreeFD is great but you should also check out http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/scumari/fmc/

03-02-2010, 08:18 PM
I don't want to start a new post, but I have a qick questions about panels. I have two monitors connected and for now, I display 3D cocpit on the main one and full screen gauges (panelMania) on the second one. This setup works fine for now, but the anoying thing is that each time I fly I need to manualy switch on the PanelMania gauges and move them to second monitor. After I reset the flight the panels disappear and again I need to switch the view on, resize window, move to second monitor etc.
Now, is there a way to make FSX remember my setup, so that I don't have to move the panels every time I start flying?
Thanks in advance