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Matt Olieman
08-20-2008, 09:04 AM
MyCockpit Announces

A New Beginning With
"Product Reviews" and "Product Certification"

Beginning with our featured "Product Review" of the Flight Simulator Center's Throttle Quadrant, the "Product Review" will have a new process and new look.

The purpose of the product review is to describe the features, functions, ease of use, and quality of a hardware component as an independent entity. It is reasonably compared to its aviation counterpart. The product review does not compare a product to any other similar commercial or private fabrication products.

The goal of the product review is; provide comprehensive product information to inform and advise the potential end user prior to purchase. Completing the product review and certification process requires meticulous time–consuming attention to detail for accurate evaluation of all aspects of the product being reviewed and certification.

For more information regarding our policy and procedures of the product review and product certifications can be found here http://www.mycockpitinc.com/review.htm