View Full Version : just finished fitting slider to speed brake lever,via phidge

steve diamond
05-05-2006, 01:32 PM
hi guys,just finished fitting up my speed brake lever and flaps to the phidget 8/8/8
its taken a long time as the real throttle quad is not made to connect to 60mm sliders???!!!!!! lol
any way ive just done a flight with the flaps and speed brake working and what can i say ,superb,
i left my self with to much altitude and speed and used the speed brakes to slow the aircraft and increase the rate of decent,without further increased in speed,
my question,my setup is allowing me to extend the speed brakes on a sliding scale as i pull the lever toward the flight detent , the further rearward the lever goes the spoilers rise up to full extension,is this how it works on the real aircraft,???i not i can adjust the phidgets programme to up spoilers as i hit the detent,but it was nice to control the speed using fine control,
only the throttles to do now,and boys im not looking forward to that one,??!!!!! oh yes and the reversers,god i need another beer,
should be ready to flights in the next few months,
bye for now
and happy flying,
steve diamond

05-05-2006, 06:51 PM
I'm not sure what your sim is, but in the 737 Cockpit Companion, it states that in Flight Detent they can deploy to 35.5 degrees for straight wing, and 26 degrees for winglet equipped aircraft. So they never deploy to their full deflection of 48 degrees except on the ground.

Now for my question, Does your in transit light work for all flap movements/or not gone that far yet? My Flap Extended works through the entire range, but flap transit only through 1-2046 (LED64). I haven't got it in my head yet on how to psuedo simulate that without using unnessary ports.

I also have an 8/8/8 and am using the digital input for the landing gear & the autobrake switch so far.


05-05-2006, 08:44 PM

All I can say is pictures, pictures, pictures, :lol:

steve diamond
05-06-2006, 08:55 AM
hi guys,thanks for the replies,i suppose what im asking is do the speed brakes respond to the movement of the speed brake lever,(in a linear way)as in if you only move it a small amount do the speed brakes reflect this,?so if i move the lever halfway between arm and flight detent ,do the speed brakes(flight ones,)come half way up,or do they wait untill flight dentent is reached then go full up,?
the sim is based on a 737/200 and during july i will be progressing to a level where i can open her up to he world,plus im fed up with being shut away in a garage on my own and no one to see my handy work,or fly it either,wanted pilots to test fly her,anyone welcome,the cost just a report from you after the flight,on what you think,
thanks for you help,
pics soon i promise,

05-06-2006, 10:32 AM
Not being a pilot I can not confirm if the speed brake is used as you indicate. But, from being an ex-USAF aircraft mechanic, I would say no, they are not used that way. The reason is their specific purpose, to slow the aircraft quickly. With the speed brakes deployed, you actually reduce the lift of the wing, so in my opinion you would not use them thoughout the landing phase to control speed. During your landing profile, as your altitude and speed decrease, you add flap to increase the wings lift surface due to slower speed. The speed brake is not used below 1000ft RA, or with flaps greater than 15. This seems very logical to me, but then again, I'm not a commercial pilot.

05-06-2006, 11:13 AM
Hi Rodney and Guys,

Actually you are right speed brake you donīt use it below 1000 feet and with a higher flap setting cause you kill the lift in the wing while you are really slow it is not neccesary. Now in the Case of the Airbus A-320 we have 5 Spoilers on each wing, During flight only 3 of them deploy when the AP is on we can only use half of the Speed brake settings on the A-320 on teh A-319 you can use speedbrake full with AP On, Now the speedbrake is used for several things on Airliners.

Of course to lower the speed of the plane in the Air but also if you keep the speed a bit up and deploy the speed brake you can Increase your rate of Descent in case ATC or by some reason your descent was initiated late and you are high in your Vertical Profile.

Normally Airliners are very clean and since you have restrictions below 10,000 where you have to mantain 250kt the speedbrake becomes really handy for your descent, sometimes you have even more speed restrictions mantain 210Kts and you are 10 miles from the airport at 8000 feet the speedbrake helps you increase your rate of descent and keep your speed low! Now the speed brake on real life is quite different that the one on FS. It doesnīt drop your spped that dramatically fast and Iīve heard in other planes is quite slow to act so it depend I didīt want to give an opinion cause I know nothing on the 737.

NOw as I said before the Airbus has 5 Speedbrake panels on the air only 3 come out when we land they revert to Spoilers so all 5 of them come out when you land and they automatically deply when the struts are compressed if armed!

Hope it helps.