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06-14-2008, 03:35 PM
I've just installed FSX, and one of my major problems/disappointments, is the change in 2D cockpits.
I'm running 5 monitors (3 views via TH2G), and in FS9 I just drag my 2D instrument panel and GPS down to lower monitors, thus getting a real cockpit feel.
Let me illustrate so y'all can see what I mean:

1) FS9, cockpit view on 1 screen

2) FS9, cockpit panels dragged down

3) FS9, eyepoint adjusted upwards to give a more correct view

4) FSX, cockpit view on 1 screen

5) FSX, cockpit panels dragged down (unadjusted)

6) FSX, cockpit panels down - adjusted

The new cockpit in FSX has changed, so it's next to impossible to see the upper switches in a 737, and hard to read the panel. Once dragged down, I can adjust the panel so I can actually read it, but I'm loosing my swithches. This won't be a problem once I have all my GoFlight modules, but at the moment it IS. It is also impossible to adjust the eyepoint anymore, the view skews a little bit but doesn't budge??? We don't fly in VC, no need for that with this setup, which already offers much the same view you'd have in a plane, and view of / access to all your instruments. This moving towards all virtual is real bad news to me, and may be a reason for sticking with FS9.

Apart from these kind of problems, I really love the way FSX looks. Personally I fly mostly the Cessna 172 (and in that one the cockpit is not a problem), and I just LOVE flying around on sightseeing, enjoying the better graphics, traffic on land and water (that makes the this virtual world seem more real to me) and so on.

Anyone out there with input / tips / solutions to some of these problems???


47 views and not a single idea? http://simpit.christrup.net/SIM/privpics/FORUM/cry.gif

Anyone know if you can load "old" airplanes into FSX, and if so, will it retain it's 2D cockpits?