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Ghulam Rabani
05-23-2008, 07:51 AM
Hi guys

My problem is how to network four computers so I can see the primary flight intrument and also eventually outside views.

How do you get all four pc's working simultaneously using level D 767 software?

Must be able to see Primary flight instruments and engine instruments all at the same time.

What software is needed
What software must go on what pc
Do I need to use key boards and mice on all four computers.


Appreciate the help


Trevor Hale
05-23-2008, 08:38 AM
Hi Ghulam,

By using FSUIPC, and WideFS on your LAN you can install Project Magenta, or other add on software on secondary Computers.

Other then that, you can have multiple Monitors on the same computer and undock the Flightsim windows and drag them to additional monitors.

Best regards,


05-23-2008, 09:14 AM

Here are some answers to your questions:

"How do you get all four pc's working simultaneously using level D 767 software?"

As far as Level D 767, you'll have to see if it can be used in different modes. Example, just the PDF or EICAS, etc, etc on the screen. In other words, you must be able to pull the needed screens out for different locations/different computers. I don't use Level D 767, but I am sure someone in here does and can help you with that particular software. Try to imagine using Project Mangeta (goto that website) and how it is used in seperate pieces.

Must be able to see Primary flight instruments and engine instruments all at the same time.

What software is needed

For Networking, if it's Win XP or Vista you just set-up each computer to share or network. You must be able to see all computers on the network before the next step. So, use the Windows Networking Wizard and name each computer individually and give each an IP address and do not use DHCP. You'll need FSUIPC and WideFS, these are two programs from Peter Dowson that allow different programs to "speak" to MS Flight Simulator across the network. If you're using FS9, get the FSUIPC and WideFS for FS9 and if you're using FSX get the FSX version.

What software must go on what pc

This is broad question and here is broad answer. Let's say you have PC 1-4 and 1 is FSX outside view (looking out the front window), 2 is the Primary Flight Display (PFD), 3 is the EICAS display, and 4 is the view of the overhead panel.

So, you need FSX, Level D 767, FSUIPC on PC 1, on 2, 3, 4 you need Level D767 and WideFS. Now, that is assuming Level D 767 works this way; splitting it into what you need. Otherwise, you could use Level D 767 on PC 1 and then go with the software from Project Magenta; however, it is costly, but you get what you pay for right? Anyway, some folks use PMDG 737 (or other) and that can be split up to do different screens. More or less you'll have to figure all this out...

Do I need to use key boards and mice on all four computers.

Yes, No, Yes, No...that depends on who you ask. You can use a keyboard/mice/display switch from Belkin (or other company) and then you'll need one keyboard and mice. You would switch to the needed computer. With this, there is no resources being used on the computers. Or, you can get a program like TightVNC which will allow you to access the other computers from one computer. It is the same thing as windows messenger sharing in a way. It runs in the background, but like anything else it uses resources. As yes, in regards to having keyboard and mouse for each one; well, that depends on the other PC's, do you use them for anything else? If so, you'll have to turn on two PC's when using TightVNC (one computer that has the mouse and keyboard on it, and then the other computer you want to use that does not have a keyboard or mouse...you get the point). With a switch box you only need to switch the keyboard and mouse to the one you want to use. And, if don't want to fool with switching (or paying for the switch box) just use a mouse and keyboard for each one, but you'll need desk space...thus, the Yes, No, Yes, No answers.

Finally, if you get FSUIPC, there is a lot to take in with that software, so YOU MUST READ THE MANUAL, there is no other way to say this either, but your questions here suggest that you have not done enough reading. Please dont be upset, but there is a great deal of information about networking on your computer now, just use Help and Support and type in networking, then read, read, and read. Also, have you read the manual or checked the website for Level D 767 yet? You should do this right away because that is the first question to solve.

You must also read everything you can about FSX (or whatever version) because knowing the simulator program inside and out is the key to running multiple computers, networks, individual displays, or etc. You want to know why things work and why they don't. Any forum site will help you, but the more you know, the more another person can help you.

Sometimes, I have seen a lot of new people ask questions that are way beyond them. For example, someone who just bought FSX and owns it for a week happens to see a Home Built Simulator on a website, and then they ask how do I build that or say I want to build four or five different simulators without knowing a thing about what an FMC is, or what a MCP or EFIS unit is, and how they play into building a simulator. Then, when someone else starts discussing particular things to help the new person that asks, the new person is like "what??" In other words, if you don't know how to fly your simulator as a beginner, you should not ask questions way to far beyond your own understanding.

Again, I'm not trying to be mean, talk down to, discriminate, be rude or discourage you or anyone else. I am just saying read everything you can and take things in small steps, and know each step before moving onto the next. If you do it this way, in about 2-4 years, you'll be sitting here typing basically the same thing I am now for someone else, but you'll know how to do this inside and out, and even in your sleep. Plus you'll likely have one kick butt simulator!

Where is Tim when I need him...all this is like what Tim teaches and that is karate. He'll be the first to tell you Flight Simulator is like karate in the way that you move up in belt colors. You must know each belt color and what it takes to own it or to get it before moving up to the next belt color. A home based simulator that has it all is like getting a 3rd degree black belt; you work your butt off to get it or earn it, but when you do have it you and every else knows you're that good!

Good luck,


Ghulam Rabani
05-23-2008, 09:53 AM
Thanks all for your kind replys I will certainly get started thie weekend after I've done some real time flying.

05-23-2008, 11:00 AM
Hi guys

How do you get all four pc's working simultaneously using level D 767 software?

It can't be done.... the Level D 767 software doesn't allow this. However, what you can do is modify the panel.cfg file to spread the instruments across several panels and then drag them to mutiple monitors all on the same computer. That's how I had to do it. You can see some pictures here:


If you are thinking of a cockpit with the Level D 767 software then you must see Nico Kaan website: