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steve diamond
03-03-2006, 03:38 AM
hi guys,ive a bit of a problem,i want to use phidgets to interface my overhead to pm systems,
ive got type one korrys,type two korrys and some leds to interface to pm systems,add the switches to this and im hitting an empasse as to how to make it all work together,
could i use a keyboard encoder with pm systems?as im confused about the powered switching phidgets need,
ive got the type one korrys sussed for connection but type twos only have three connectors,?
also for anyone already using phidgets to wire switches in what power supply do you use?
sorry if the questions seem silly but im an electronics newbie and dont want to fry the pit or myself lol
cheers in advance guys,
steve diamond

steve diamond
03-06-2006, 11:16 AM
wel guys im good at cutting up aircraft and sorting them out but not so good on thinking things out,
ive sorted out my problem,wil use phidgets and use three cards,i may well be dumping some real korrys and using fds k annuciators,this will make my life a lot easier,
sorry to waste your time boys,
steve(think before you post)diamond

03-06-2006, 02:22 PM

Never think you are wasting our time with questions here. This is why IFSBI is here to help you find the answers. The question you ask may be the same, as another builder would like to ask. So please ask it.

Not too familiar with Phidgets as hands on. I did see a demo at AVSIM 2004 from Alan Dyer. PM Systems was also running on the system.

The Korry or the K1 switch have the light or led separate from the switch. This will require the proper voltage to make them light. The LED64 from Phidgets could be used in the FDS K1 led since this has the proper voltage to drive LEDs. In the Korry the light bulb may require a higher voltage than the LED64 can produce. Use a separate power source to power up a Korry light. An interface like the 0/16/16 to can switch the voltage on and off for the light and control the switch at the same time. The light would be 1 offset and the switch would be another.

If you want help making the Korrys work I think we might be able to help there. I am sure if we have the part number we can find on the net, which pins go to the light and switch. I am in electronics by trade and this should be something simple.

I hope this year I will be able to put together some panels and parts to be able to experiment with interfaces as well. There are so many interfaces out there it makes it hard to make the decision on which one to use for which part of the project. Keyboard encoders should work fine for overheads where its mostly switch controls. The lights there should be several choices as well and I believe more on the way.

steve diamond
03-07-2006, 02:14 AM
hi larry,
many thanks for you post,it did make me feel a lot better,ive got some diagrams from alan re wiring in the type one korrys so i think ive got that one sussed now,ive had a good go at the phidgets software and have used the emulated phidgets which is a fantastic idea,alan has done some brillant work on phidgets software,and after yesterday and using it,this is the route to go,
also got my fds panels yesterday,i have to say they are superb and will look the part in the overhead,
so things are going well,
once again thanks for your support,
it made me feel not so much of a dork,lol
bye for now