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12-10-2007, 07:32 PM
Hi fellows,

I have had the idea for the past months to integrate IVAP (online flying tool for IVAO) in a separate panel in my cockpit. There are FSUIPC offsets for the Charlie mode and ID buttons. However, I was wondering how I could get the IVAP screen on a separate LCD. The problem is that the screen does not detach from the associated software panel...

The panel would resemble to a normal MCDU or CDU (actually I have even thought about popping up the IVAP screen on the MCDU ...)

Has anyone tried/though about anything similar?


12-11-2007, 05:50 AM
Hi there,

I got the ID, standby/charlie, transpondercode on a panel in my cockpit ...
I think you can also change the bitmaps which build up the IVAP screen, so you could make just black bmps for it, giving you the pure Ivap screen . However I do not think it is possible to resize the ivap screen and thats a pitty. It would be nice if the PM mcdu or the AST mcdu would allow external programs to register to them and give them a user defined screen. But thats wishfull thinking....(also ivap would need changes to make an interface with those mcdus)...

Greetz Peter

12-11-2007, 09:04 AM
Hi Peter,

You're right about putting black bitmaps on the IVAP skin, hadn't thought about it. I contacted some time ago with the IvAp developers and they said that resizing the screen was something they would probably look at in future versions... who knows.

As for the rest basically what's needed is the emulation of the 12 screen lateral buttons, as well as a keyboard to input data (flight plan, etc.).

This brings to my memory the TCAS issue. Do you use PM airbus or AST? Have you been able to bring up TCAS on the PM ND? Do you need to use Aibridge or does FSUIPC take care of it by selecting the "Populate FSUIPC TCAS table" (or something like that) in the IvAp config menu?


12-12-2007, 04:29 AM

well, I am using ipvap for fs2004 and PM ND. I have set the populate TCAS via the FSUIOC tables and have tcas on my ND. I dont how about the interaction AST and the tcas module towards IVAP.
The only issue i have opened up towards Kenny Moens is the fact ivap messes up the labels of the planes when selecting TA CS.

I run ivap on two computers, so the user interface runs on the same PC as my PM MCDU.
So I'm planning to see how I can use the mcdu keyboard for entering something in the ivap gui...

Greetz Peter