View Full Version : Two levers, four engines.

11-16-2007, 05:07 PM
Hello simmers,

In my 737-cockpit i have a homebuild throttlequadrant with two enginelevers (ofcourse) to fly the 737, but sometimes i have the urge to fly a bigger plane ;) Downloaded the posky 747 KLM version and also installed the PMDG 747 KLM. So far so good. But after startup i noticed my problem: i can only use ofcourse two engines instead of four! I checked out the control settings in FS but i can't find a way to combine two engines on each throttle lever. Does anyone recognizes this problem and can help me? I have a registered Fsuipc, maybe in there i can change some settings? Thanks i.a.

Benno from Holland.

Michael Carter
11-16-2007, 05:34 PM
You can combine all or two engines to a single lever through FSUIPC. You can also assign a hotkey to turn this feature on and off.