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David Rogers
10-06-2007, 06:35 PM
Hey all,

I have the CP Flight MCP arriving on Tuesday - can't wait.

I noted all the instructions ready for the installation and set up but one area that is not well docuented on the CP site, is this stuff around moving "737kbd.ini" files around.

There is some mention on the web of needing to move these files wheras others talk about simply installing the MCPs drivers and (as long as you have left the PMDG's key commands as they are), having everything working in minutes.

Can anyone confirm what is actually necessary, the names of these 'keyboard ini' files and where they need to be moved to/from ?

Up to now, this is what I have picked up re: installation:

- Download "USB Drivers" from CP website to temp folder.
- Connect the MCP and switch it on.
- Install / Browse to the Drivers and install.
- Install FS_COM and MCP_CONF.
- Run MCP_CONF (to set preferences)

Then when running the MCP ......................... >

- Launch FS and the PMDG.
- Launch FS_COM.

I would really really appreciate it if anyone could confirm how the CP MCP is set up for the PMDG. (It's the newer, USB version)

I have downloaded the CP manual for this but it's badly out of date - it talks about the PMDG patches that I no are no longer used, and other parts are out of date, some download links for the software are even out of date but I found them luckily!).

Many thanks for any pointers!


10-06-2007, 10:51 PM
Hi David, I am running CP Flight MCP & EFIS with PMDG and it works brilliantly. You have no need to worry mate, all the documentation to get PMDG to interface is in the downloadable manuals and should also be in the box when your unit arrives.
You have to start PMDG and change all the keystroke shortcut assignments as per the list provided by CP Flight, install the drivers, set preferences in MCP_CONF and plug'n'play. I was blown away by how easy it was and had it going in about half an hour. There's no messing with .ini files as I remember. Occasionally the software has to be restarted to 'connect' again especially after a crash if you have crash detection turned on. Sometimes it stops after changing airports and needs a restart but it is no hassle at all. I am very pleased with this match up of hardware and software, big thumbs up.

Regards, Gwyn

David Rogers
10-07-2007, 06:02 AM
Tremendous, thanks Gwyn!

So do you need to start FS_COM manually, when using with the PMDG, or does it start automatically ?

I like to be well prepared ;-) ....and now I can be! I have everything downloaded and ready to go when the unit arrives.

I also ordered the Engravity Centre Panel today (already have the Captain's Panel kit on order), so can't wait for the kits and the MCP to arrive, I'll literally be flying! Need to start saving for at least 1 EFIS, and the CDU though. I also need to start looking at Yoke upgrade options as I'm not sure a standard CH will cut it once everything els is in place!


10-07-2007, 06:40 AM
Hi David,

FS has to be running with the PMDG aircraft loaded and ready. Then minimize FS and start the FS_COM software and maximize FS again quickly. When the MCP software starts it runs a keystroke routine which takes about 30 seconds to synchronize and set the PMDG MCP. If you leave FS on the task bar you get a lot of keystroke error noises and it won't synchronize. When this routine is running, if you have the PMDG 2D panel displayed you see all the MCP buttons and knobs turning and changing so they are set to the same position as the CP Flight hardware. A green warning bar appears on the screen asking you to wait, don't mouse click or press keystrokes while this is happening.

I bought two EFIS units just for the eye candy factor but the Captains EFIS works perfectly, that was a very welcome and unexpected bonus. The CP Flight gear in my opinion is absolutely fantastic and is a joy to use. When you quit FS, FS_COM quits automatically.


David Rogers
10-07-2007, 08:53 AM
Cheers mate, you've sorted all my concerns - I'll be up and running in no time now - can't wait!

10-07-2007, 05:41 PM
Cheers David,
Grab those EFIS units aswel, you will be even more pleased. As I said I bought two and the FO's unit is just to keep the glareshield complete. However, if I/we ever switch to PM at a later date, the FO's EFIS will operate the FO's displays independently. I know your excitement well, I "chucked a sickie" to receive my CP Flight gear, there are pictures of its arrival in my gallery here at MyCockpit. http://www.mycockpit.org/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=865


David Rogers
10-08-2007, 05:54 AM
Pull a sickie, huh, the idea of it! ..........

Yip, got the script all planned and have been making some N.I.S* gestures today (sneezes, loud persistant cough, etc).

Those photos of your MCP and EFISs all laid out and ready to be installed look great - I'm as excited as a child on Xmas eve!

I wish I had been able to get the EFIS too, but it had to wait cash-wise. Will be ordering an EFIS on 25th Oct.

I got my CP MDP from Simware in Belgium (they had it is stock and 2 working days delivery from Belgium to the UK). They matched the price direct from CP in Italy, so pretty pleased as I hate waiting for things! (Have 3.5 weeks to wait for my Captains and Centre MIP Panels from Engravity!).

* = "Notice of Intended Sickness"


Dave R

10-08-2007, 10:05 PM
Sorry offtopic but couldnt resist myself on reading "pulling a sickie"...
It brought me memories of myself pulling many sickies just for the heck of flying the PMDG 737/747 whole day...



10-09-2007, 12:02 AM
"Chucking a sickie" is an Australian institution, in fact we invented it! We get 5 freebies and 5 with doctors notes per year. Handy for collecting sim bits, cricket matches, bbqs etc!

David Rogers
10-09-2007, 11:55 AM
Heh heh ..... I worked for the (UK) Government for 9 years before getting a real job, and the people there actually counted the amount of sick days they were allowed (before disciplinary action) as part of their hols entitlement!

"Ok, so I have 4 days annual leave left, 2 flexi days accrued, oh and 3 sick days left".



Well I wasn't on a sickie but I did come home at 2pm to "work from home" and 2.30pm saw the arrival of my gorgous new 'babe'; The CP Flight MCP.

What a beauty! I couldn't stop staring at her, and that was before I had even plugged her in.......... Lovely build quality, and wow how good it feels to be sitting in front of a real autothrottle switch, a real LNAV button, a real.....[you get the picture].

Installation went ok ....ish!

I followed al the steps but nothing worked, however when I ran FS_COM it was good enough to tell me the problem; A pop up box said "PMDG 737kbd.ini is not copied to the CP Flight folder".

So I copied the 737kbd.ini file from the PMDG folder in FS9 root, into the CP Flight folder which was in C:/Program Files.

Reloaded everything and I was almost there! Everything worked except HEADING... when I turned the heading knob on the MCP, it was activating the A/P disconnect!

I went into PMDG key assignments and saw the error - so corrected it and set up the correct key asignment for Heading Increase and Decrease (as advised in the CP Flight PMDG set up PFD).

Unfortunately it did not work but then I realised ..... I had copied the 737kbd.ini BEFORE changing the Heading key commands, so the ini file in the CP Flight Folder was disagreeing with the updated PMDG ini folder settings! (not as complicated as I've made it sound).

I copied over a fresh version of the updated 737kbd.ini file from PMDG to CP Flight folder and .....


Flying the 737 with a real MCP is one of those defining moments, like when you first got a yoke, or first bought some pedals. There is no turning back.

I just need my Captains and Centre Engravity Panels now to put this baby into!

As Westozy suggested, the CP Flight MCP works so well with the PMDG that I have decided (for the short to medium term) to stick with a PMDG based set up, rather than go for PM at this stage.

I will probably only revise this view when I get to thinking about Overhead Panels!

10-09-2007, 06:27 PM
Great to see you're up'n'away David, sorry about the .ini file, I still don't remember doing that step. I have to do it all again next week as I have just bought a kick arse Quad Core PC with an 8800GTS card, Matrox TH2Go etc. can't wait to get it all going. It sure is great to use the CP Flight MCP, I had to smile reading your excited description of it's arrival. It was the same story here for me! Have you noticed the backlighting toggles with the PMDG panel lighting? They are coupled. Also on the back of the unit ther is a pair of pins which can be connected to a remote auto throttle button, I haven't done this yet but will in the future. I won't switch to PM, too many PCs and too many hassles described in our forums, it's a 3 minute boot up for us and off we go. Re - Overhead functionallity - I'm sure PMDG will catch up sooner or later and improve the interface. It is just taking a while for all the vendors to realise that number of cockpit builders are increasing exponentially, sooner or later a reasonably priced package will crop up. Fingers crossed!


David Rogers
10-10-2007, 05:01 AM
Hey Gwyn,

Please don't apologise about the ini file - you were a great help, and your advice had me knowing exactly what to do and expect, and flying within 30 mins!

I think the CP Flight Tools installation (FS_COM and CP_CONF) is supposed to copy over the PMDG's keyboard ini file....... but I've read from other forums that this particular routine can often fail (mainly because CP Flight say that there 'CP Flight' Folder can be located anywhere on your hard drive). So although everything does work regardless of the location of the CP Flight folder, I suspect certain locations mean that the installation routine can't copy the PMDG kbd ini file over.

Anyway it's no real hassle as once you know the score, it's a 15 second job to copy it over manually :)

The MCP transforms the way you fly - I found I barely touched the mouse when flying last night ..... and that's a BIG realism boost!

Love pulling the AP out on Approach by hitting the disconnect bar, and flicking the A/T off on finals, using the real switch. Great stuff. At just under 500, it seemed expensive but it's such an upgrade and such high build and functional quality that I actually now think it was fantastic value!