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09-23-2007, 01:51 AM

Thanks for all your inputs from my other post. Thought I would start a clean thread here.

I tried to use FSUIPC to assign buttons or switches thru the FSUIPC drop tab while running FS2004. I get to the window for buttons but all that happens is, if I turn a rotory that is USB'd to the main fs2004 PC, I see right in the middle of this FSUIPC buttons page, some numbers that pop up as I turn the rotory and they move a little. I also removed the GFREMOTE folder from the PC, so as not to maybe make a conflict.

1. How do I assign (or make) the pull down assign list appear, so that I can assign a button or switch or rotory to a function of fs2004.

2. How do I do the same but for my MCP client PC that has engines and MP MCP running? Things like EFIS ranges, APPT or PLAN and MAP modes or VOR modes for the ND or DH or Baro Press set? I assume that things like the DH and Baro are running thru the EFIS or MCP protion of Magenta and thus thats why I these items have to be controlled thru MP MCP client. An interesting thing is that if I use W to bring up the default MIP on the main PC where the game is, when I turn the Baro press set, I can see it move the ALT needle there, but not on the Magenta PFD or standby ALT. I must not have certain settings set somewhere.

Most confusing.

Thanks for any help.

Michael Carter
09-23-2007, 07:59 AM
If you are where I think you are in FSUIPC, you must tell FSUIPS that this is for an FS command by checking a small box (on one side of the page or he other. I can't remember which now).

Once the box is checked you should be able to access the drop-down box for command assignments in FSUIPC.

You may have to experiment extensively to find the correct command for the function you wish to assign. Not all simulator software is written the same and not all command descritions may appear to be a logical choice for the function you wish to assign.

As an example, my fuel flow levers are programmed with the command "Mixture Full Rich", which on a jet really makes no sense, but that is what the developer chose to use.

09-23-2007, 08:13 AM
Randy, if you ask this question at Pete Dowsons forum the first thing he will ask (state!) is to read the extensive manual. It really is all there. However as already suggested, you need to check the box that says you want to assign a button to FS, then turn your rotary and select from the dropdown list the function you wish to assign to that switch selection. Click to the next selection on your rotary and repeat. Do this for each switch input.

In order to select inputs for switches on networked PC's you'll need to configure (and pay for) WideFS.

Hope I'm barking up the right tree, cause FSUIPC is indispensable once you've got your head around it.


Michael Carter
09-23-2007, 08:19 AM
Absolutely, and in no uncertain terms he will tell you to read the manual.

Trevor Hale
09-23-2007, 09:51 AM
Oh! You need to wire them into the main flightsim pc.

When your on the buttons & Switches page and you move the rotary switch one notch you wull notice the boxes (X) between PRESS X X BUTTON will change to a value.

Select on the right the checkboxes that say Select FS Control, and (Include Project Magenta)

The you can select the pull down menus that say action when button selected (do not include a Perimeter)

Now your set!


09-23-2007, 11:59 AM
I do have WideFS, however, I understand that the items that I have wired into the main fs2004 PC will show up on the FSUIPC buttons page (I will retry what everyone has mentioned) BUT.......

is what your saying on the client items PFD and MCP, ie, EFIS stuff thru Magenta, like DH, Range rings, VOR MAP, APPT, that are now plugged into the client MCP, will have to be unplugged from this client and just put it into the main fs2004 server and then I can set them also thru FSUIPC?

Thanks so much for all your help,


Trevor Hale
09-23-2007, 03:45 PM

That will do it :) It will work much better for you!