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  1. Ian
  2. What Link2Fs extraction to use for a Turn Indicator Needle?
  3. Toggle instead of on/off in built in C172
  4. Why doesn't it work ?
  6. Project 1 - LCD Display/COM/NAV
  7. PMDG 737NGX and Link2fs Multi (Experts)
  8. controlling two continuous rotation servos for airspeed
  9. SDK and direct pins in the Arduino
  10. FSX Gold +Link2FS+ MonsterMoto Arduino
  11. Hi guys... I've finished it
  12. Help! Rotary encoders
  13. I-Fly 737NG For FS2004
  14. Example sketch for MCP23017 GPIO expander
  15. OLED + Arduino = \o/
  16. Radio panel code help
  17. 360 degree continuous rotation potentiometer for compass
  18. Cessna Gyro Compass converted to FSX
  19. Link2fs 6b question
  20. help with code
  21. Annunciator - Master Warning code help
  22. LInk2fs stops working when i put simconnect.xml in user/apps/..../fsx/ folder
  23. Link2fs simconnect inputs
  24. Interfacing Arduino with Flight Simulator
  25. Need help with uncompensated altimeter extraction
  26. DA-20 Katana & link2fs
  27. Simple throttle control using potentiometer
  28. multiplexer/demultiplexer for led or sw with Arduino
  29. FS2004 to PMDG 737
  30. Need help with configuring 'pull up' annunciator signal
  31. Non-digital indicators vs Jim's Multi Radio
  32. Arduino Duemilanove freezing with FSMulti
  33. Where to start?
  34. Building a Menu Selection Encoder for GPS
  35. Thank you Jimspage
  36. help with stepper code
  37. No match for operator in a switch case
  38. Success! and a lesson I learned
  39. Link2FS Multi FS9 & Max7219 driven 5 digit 7 seg display HELP Please
  40. Building a CDU for PMDG 737NGX (Need more SimConnect Inputs)
  41. Autopilot + Radio
  42. Magnetic compass build and code
  43. Link2FS Add new imputs....
  44. Arduino Mega 2560 with 7-Segment Module for Autopilot Panel
  45. LINK2FS MULTI for FS9, Expert Version released.
  46. PMDG737 NGX - AT/AP/FMC warning lights
  47. Newbe with Arduino Mega to be used for my fsx cockpit building - 2 questions please
  48. Rotary problem
  49. Project Tu 154 - arduino problem
  50. Need help radiopanel with RGB Rotary Encoder
  51. Old Project Modified (2 Arduino MEGAs) MCP, Lights & Communications
  52. PMDG Gear lever
  53. A44 doesn't seem to work for G1000 PFD NAV 1-2 swap
  54. Jim, problem with software re/ simconnect event? Probably not, but....
  55. link2 fs "fsx not running"
  56. Auto panel build question
  57. SimConnect with link2fs
  58. Analogue I/O with Arduino
  59. Jim's Control Axes interface
  60. Arduino uno+multiradio
  61. Newbie help with 3.1 Teensy and servo's
  62. pushbutton state change
  63. Driving Stepper Motors Vs Link2fs Cycle time
  64. High Resolution Servo Control
  65. undefined reference to `Quadrature::Quadrature(int, int)
  66. Getting Started With LINK2FS - Question....
  67. Another Link2FS Question - Demo INO for LCD
  68. Momentary toggle switch without middle OFF position question
  69. Arduino Boards - Extra Inputs!
  70. Considering New Board PCB - Seeking Input
  71. Working with extracts
  72. Link2FS and Prepar3d
  73. EFIS panel ans small help that I need with my sketch (how to turn off a LED) :)
  74. A few pics on my updated Home Cockpit.
  75. Need Track Data
  76. Arduino - LINK2FS Progress
  77. Link2fs negative values not working
  78. Link2fs and Aerosoft Airbus Autopilot
  79. My Old FCU - Born Again with Link2FS!
  80. Link2FS ver 6 & FSX with Arduino Uno & Monstar Moto
  81. Link2fs and generic AutoPilot with Arduino Mega
  82. An adaptation of link2FS for xplane , just a dream ?
  83. Single Analog Rotary Encoder In A Can
  84. Lowering The Bar In A Can
  85. Link2fs automatically closes and doesn't start after I installed fsuipc
  86. Link2fs and Prosim
  87. Link2FS with A2A Cessna 172
  88. Help needed with offset
  89. Link2fs and Flap Servo
  90. Keys not working with FSX
  91. does link2fs_multi program run properly with net framework ver 3.5 or 4?
  92. Link2fs Windows 8.1
  93. Newbie, first build help
  94. Rotary Accelleration help
  95. Altimeter conversion
  96. link2fs doesn't see fsx steam edition
  97. Level-D B767 MCP and Link2fs Multi (Experts)
  98. Newby needs help with scripts.
  99. Newby needs help with sketches,2nd go
  100. SimCheck A300B4 MCP and Link2fs Multi (Experts)
  101. LCD won`t display proper letters or figures.
  102. Link2s Multi FS9 and WideClient
  103. Problems with different Baud Rates
  104. Problems sending commands via LAN (UDP sockets)
  105. Help requested for B727 engine gauge sketches
  106. Help counting with MAX7219 and rotary
  107. Speed Indicator (Simple Code)
  108. I need float instead of string for for pitch LINK2FS6F
  109. My Cessna 172RG Annunciator Panel
  110. My Cessna 172RG Elevator Trim and Auto Pilot Servo
  111. Work in progress with compass.
  112. Keyboard send code
  113. Multiple LCD's for pedestal radios
  114. Need help to make autopilot panel
  115. Windows 7x32 link2fs run problem
  116. Autothrottle servos using Microseconds??
  117. Saitek Toe Brakes
  118. Help Trim indicator Cessna 172
  119. Problems with LCD based radiostack project
  120. Autopilot 7 segment display using arduino and max7219cng display driver
  121. Link2FS Keys With P3D v2.4 + SimConnect v2.4 Help
  122. PMDG 777 - MCP Module - Link2fs connections
  123. help with fsx steam not seeing link2fs
  124. So long and farewell Guys
  125. all links are dead to http://www.mobiflight.de/
  126. PMDG 777 ACP (Audio Control Panel) Commands
  127. Freeing up the I2C pins in the Multi File
  128. Air Speed Indicator
  129. Multi radio
  130. Building a MCP for PMDG 737NGX
  131. PMDG Events
  132. Complete Code
  133. Engine Start Switch code
  134. FSX, Arduino, Link2fs and Offset 313C (Tail Number)
  135. Looking for assistance with writing FSUIPC offsets
  136. Arduino, how many buttons and encoder?
  137. Motorized throttle Saitek quadrant Mod
  138. 2DOF motion Seat with wiper motors, Arduino Uno & MonsterMoto
  139. Vibration data from FSX
  140. What is code A44 (Toggle NAV) supposed to do?
  141. 737NGX - Vertical Speed Display Issue
  142. Rotary switch using an analog input (A0)
  143. There is no "Linefeed" with your data. What does it means ???
  144. MobiFlight for AerosoftAirbus
  145. JIM, Please... I need your help with some link2fs commands that's not working properly
  146. Half size 7 seg displays...Heads up
  147. The strangest problem..."transposed" 7 seg read-outs
  148. Arduino Uno, MonsterMoto 2DOF motion seat
  149. Com and Nav lights
  150. Whats wrong with this code?
  151. fatal error: Quadrature.h
  152. Arduino Uno + MCP23017 to link2fs
  153. MD-11 Pedestal with Autotrottle servos
  154. Connecting to FSUIPC with 3rd Party Applications
  155. JIM, I got this error on the Link2fs. Can you help me?
  156. Codigo Arduno Mega 2560 AYUDA
  157. Getting Expert Error with Link2fs 6f
  159. How can I determine if the plane crashed? I want to trigger my ELT.
  160. LNK2FS Simconnect Codes
  161. latency between FSX and arduino
  162. EPR / Link2FS / Arduino
  163. Running Link2FS Multi Problem
  164. ran into a dilemma
  165. Basic question re: card connect
  166. Strange happenings with Arduino and Link2FS
  167. Link2fs Announciator panel
  168. Is it possible to emulate joystick buttons or send LVars with Link2FS and Arduino?
  169. MCP - Activating speed/heading/altitude etc do also reset the value.
  170. arduino Link2fs sketch
  171. Quarter Rotary Encoder with Acceleration (Working) Complete write up
  172. Help on Windows 7 and Link2FSX
  173. Sketch for Rotary Encoders
  174. arduino for lcdmodule?
  175. Hello all and ..... PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!
  176. Problem with Vertical Speed Set
  177. LINK2FS and Active Sky Next
  178. link2fs radiopanel adjustment.
  179. How do I make an Over head Pannel with link2fs?
  180. my custom MCP
  181. serial 2 arduino ?
  182. Help needed
  183. Question re the Link2FS MultiRadio Project
  184. IAS/ MACH changeover switch
  185. Can't figure this out!
  186. 3 way toggle switch
  187. Multiple cases
  188. LED radio display
  189. Setting Flaps from Arduino
  190. 737NGX MCP Panel link2fs comm problem
  191. Link2fs v6f, P3Dv2 and PMDG FSUIPC not communicating?
  192. No Airspeed to LCD
  193. Arduino Mega flap code and SwitecX25.168 stepper
  194. Bell 206 Annunciator Panel
  195. PMDG 737 NGX MCP Arduino Mega
  196. Radio Stack & Auto Pilot for FSX
  197. Servo Help
  198. link2fs v6f Manual Refresh not working!
  199. Link2FS Multi and Windows 10 problem
  200. Stab Trim - PMDG 737NGX
  201. Jims Radio project
  202. Jim's radio stack - dual rotary encoder amendment?
  203. sketch trouble
  204. Strange D260 & D261 output into link2fs causing servo jitter?
  206. Multiple board help for new user!!
  207. Arduino mega and p3d
  208. Arduino uno + Link2fs Radio issue with A2A ADF
  209. Prosim and Arduino mega
  210. Link2FS + FSUIPC, any example?
  211. Link2FS "Has Stopped Working"
  212. Arduino Mega and Windows 10 Displays not working
  213. Help!! How to get the simconnect code?
  214. FLT an LND altitude display on overhead
  215. New project- New software I need
  216. What would be the best starter Kit?
  217. Instruction From CARD
  218. Please help with n1% gauge
  219. Anyone using Link2FSMulti with P3D?
  220. Link2FS users and analogue interface
  221. Adding new switch assignments
  222. I need some sketches for analog indicators. Please....!
  223. FMC 737 annunciator LEDs
  224. Switch panel slow to respond
  225. Please, help me with this sketch!!
  226. Throttle Quadrant
  227. Multiple outs error
  228. WIN 10, FSX and v6F
  229. Using Offset 9400 from Ifly 737NGX with Ardunio Mega/Link2FS Expert
  230. Switch off 7 segment displays if battery is off
  231. Help with thrust reverse
  232. LİNK2FS , PREPAR3D Problem
  233. arduino link2fs and pmdg.
  234. Need help with Link2fs and Keyboard Encoder
  235. arduino link2fs vspeed problem
  236. Arduino for Newbies (or Dummies!)
  237. New Build Is Starting
  238. gauges with 360 degree rotation
  239. link2fs and either pdmg or ifly737
  240. Inputs with mouse clicks
  241. HELP with Encoders
  244. 1/4 cycle encoder problem
  245. Run time error 8020 Arduino with Win 10
  246. Link2FSX start crash error
  247. link2fs adaptation to 727
  248. Extract wich airplane is selected?
  249. actitud indicator
  250. Intermittent LED's on MAX 7219